14 February 2010

Danger Cook Strikes Again!

So, tomorrow is the big Beethoven rehearsal. I hope that goes well...but on a related, I haven't time to go home and make a dinner, SO I went through the cabinet and decided to make trash casserole.

A casserole, when speaking of the food, is merely defined as a food baked in a dish with the same name, but it goes deeper than that. You need a starch type substance to give it some substance, a sauce to make it gooey and yummy, and something else.

Well, I only have two starches currently in the house: rice and spaghetti. Rice it is! But not just any rice, oh no! I of course don't have regular rice, but one of those bag rice meal things. The something else, for my family, is traditionally a meat, but I don't have any of that either... Long story short, this is referred to as a "trash" casserole because I literally (like, literally, actually, woah) used all the scraps I had in the kitchen. Here goes...

Broccoli Mushroom Casserole

1 pkg Knorr Garlic Butter Rice (Or regular rice, but you'll need to go heavy on the spices later.)
2 c. steamed broccoli
1 can sliced mushrooms
3/4 c. shredded Italian four cheese
1/4 c. chive and onion cream cheese spread
2 tbsp. butter
1 tbsp. margarine
1 egg
Spices: salt-free lemon pepper, curry, garlic powder, basil, and paprika

Cook the rice as per the back of the package with that 1 tbsp. of margarine. While it's simmering, you can prep the broccoli; I tend to keep those steamer bags of vegetables around, so I used that, but cooking up some broccoli is just as easy. When the rice is done, mix the broccoli into it and set it aside. Now melt the butter in a saucepan and cook the mushrooms for a little bit in the butter. Had I some green onions, I would've loved to put those in there too. Add the milk and the egg and stir together. Now add the two cheeses. Add the spices before the sauce begins to thicken. Use your best judgement on how much to use. When the sauce has thickened, about 15 minutes after all the ingredients are added, stir it into the rice and broccoli. Cook at 350 for 30 minutes.

The one bite I had of it was really good, but I can't eat anymore untill tomorrow. Fun fact: it's apparently 220 calories per cup. ^-^ I think I'll try it with cheddar and onions next time I make it on purpose.

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