07 December 2009

The Plan.

As I take a break from piano to consume entirely too much Chinese food, I formulate a plan for the next week...

I will practice piano untill 1:00 this evening/morning. I have prepared myself to fail, so passing will be a lovely surprise on the slim that it happens.

On Tuesday, after proficiency, I will calm my tears and work my poor brain to the brush to finish the things I have been putting off in order to keep up with piano. Then I will work. After work, I will either require a celebratory or consolatory drink.

Wednesday I work again, but today is the day I finish and turn in all my assignments...if it kills me. Yep.

Thursday I will go to coffee. ^-^
Thursday evening I will provide Carrie and Daniel with required gossip and hopefully wander out the Library with friends.

Friday I will work a great deal. I will also pack...like no tomorrow. At some point we will have brisket and I will hang out with friends again.

Saturday I leave for Prague.

This is the plan. I shall not deviate from the plan. Deviating from the plan will breed fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death...oh hell. >.<

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