18 October 2008

Something that happened.

As well aware I am of the things that enter my brain that I have made up, I've recently remembered one that I'm pretty sure I didn't. Once upon a dream somewhere, or perhaps even in the mess that was my youth, I had a tiny keyboard about the size of a business card. I remember that it was some ridiculous bright colour in its majority and could be played with a pen or perhaps, if you were skilled enough to not press 3 of the tiny keys at once, with your fingers. The sound was terrible and this was to be expected for its size...I mean, really, you couldn't expect someone to actually use this little tool for real music making; however, in today's exciting world of aleatoric and experimental music, I might well be. The point is that, as a child, this little device was hours of entertainment for someone who wanted to be the star of the metropolitan opera and now, as an adult who is soon to finish her Music Education degree, it's a pocket tuner, theory reference, and something wonderful to have when all the practice rooms are full. I can't seem to shake the idea that this thing actually existed at one point in my life and have tried to no avail to find something similar for purchase; apparently, the internet is just not strong enough for this venture. Perhaps in another lifetime...

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