22 October 2008

A Heavy Desk Shift

So, in my day-quil blurred daze this evening, I figured that my 4 hour desk shift was going to be something pretty tame filled with mindless fluff on the internet and perhaps, if I were lucky, a bit of homework. Something Awful feeds to my Google reader and that's generally what entertains me during these hours, but today I saw something that pretty much made me die a little inside. The professor he's referring to actually does state exactly what the guy says he did, but in the context of promoting a human race blind to colour, race, and all that nonsense. A pretty admirable goal, I think. Anyway, upon discussing this video with a friend, he pointed me in the direction of a commencement address he had read in his speech class. This is also pretty appalling. I don't want to get into all my thoughts about either of these links too much because things like these almost always start a fight of some kind. What I'd like people to think about is this: while, given human nature, true equality is simply impossible, why is it that in the face of racism our first response is to be racist in turn but in the opposite direction? Bah. I'm gonna go find something funny to look at. >.<


Captain Corley said...

There are some fights that shall continue on for eternity, no matter how attractive peace might be. Fear is the platform for campaigns like his, insecurity his birth right, and hate his weapon of choice.

I say choice because that is what it is... a choice. We are not a human race destine to destroy one another. I believe that just as we have evolved our tools, homes, attire and so too, can we evolve our thinking and relations with each other. It is going to require time, patience, courage, and most of all love, but it is attainable.

abomunist said...


WTF is wrong with people? Really?

It's more than not agreeing, it's simply not understanding how someone within the same geographical borders can possibly believe this crap. Even if he's critiquing a genuine utterance, it's not worth talking about.

What a load of bullshit.

His interpretation only furthers hate, on his side or the other's.