20 February 2011


Okay, so, upon leaving Jake and Andrea's house, Dan and I found ourselves immersed in a ridiculously thick fog.  Of course, my what-would-happen-if syndrome kicked in and instead of going home and going to bed, I decided to drive around in it and take pictures.  Yeah, yeah.  I know.  I'm not so bright. 

This is my neighborhood.  You can tell because...uhhh...well there's a car in there, I think.

Then I drove out to Hilltop.  Boy howdy, was that drive frightening.  For those of you not from Cheyenne, Hilltop is one of the few places in town you can see a good majority of the city lights in all their glory.  You know, except for tonight.
In this picture, I am literally as close as you can get to the refinery without being either in a restricted area or sitting on the interstate.  Normally, the refinery looks like a giant, sideways Christmas tree belonging to the Griswold family, but is now defeated by the fog.
Hey, look!  Artistic trees!  Light and fog equal eerie silhouettes, didn't you know?
This may or may not be a street on which I am driving...  (Relax, I pulled over for a sec to snap the shot.  No electronics while driving.)
Now, my phone's camera is a pretty nifty piece of technology: high resolution, great colour, lots of settings.  I turned on EVERY setting I thought would help these come out.  I turned off the flash, turned on the night vision, set it to cloudy...yeah.  This is as good as I got.  And this fog clung to the skin.  It was some kind of thick.  Surreal as fuck.  *nods*

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