08 May 2010

Making a list.

So for some awkward reason, becoming an adult to me means living in a place that doesn't perpetually look like a dorm room...in essence, I'm prematurely decorating my flat.

Dishes (Yeah I know.  Wal*Mart, but I love these dishes.  So, shhh.)
Electric Mixer (Red is important to me, I guess.  In a perfect world, all my appliances will match.  Black, red and silver.)
Bath Set (No toothbrush holder or soap dish.)

Yes, I know.  No furniture...  I think I'm going to refinish what I already have and do the rest IKEA style.  Maybe I'll add to this as I go.

On a side, how pathetic am I for doing this and watching chick flicks on a Friday night, eh?  Pff...I need to quit hanging out on weekdays, surely.

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