30 January 2009

Merde, alors...

This has been a bizarrely awkward week. Let me start off by prefacing that prednazone will destroy your life. I started it on Tuesday and never have I been so affacted by a drug in my life. One minute I'm wired to the nines and the next I'm falling asleep and on top of it all, my brain has just NOT been functioning. So, keep that in mind as I recount the ridiculousness of this week.

Also, keep in mind that this whole week EVERYTHING has been very funny to me.

I don't even remember half of Tuesday and Wednesday, to be honest. I remember being significantly out of tune everytime I tried to practice and then having a fantastic lesson. I don't even know how that works, really, but I'll take it.

Thursday, ah, Thursday. I got my ring back from the jeweller's finally and within an hour of wearing it, the new stone cracked in half. Lame. Like a duck. Naturally, I was a touch upset about that and then promptly forgot that I was upset. The day was looking better because opera rehearsal went well and then Dan and I went to dinner, but... Oi. So, I had a run in where I had to explain the bureaucracy of quiet hours, to put it politely, then, left my keys in Dan's car, so I'm locked out of my house and car, tried to go practice but failed for an hour and a half, had a run in with a boy which brought up unpleasant memories, got a couple temps so I could get into my domicile, still don't have my keys, and I'm constantly switching back and forth between thinking this is all funny and being terribly depressed about it all.

I'm also, apparently, losing my ability to understand functional grammar.


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