02 April 2008



So, I'm at work. I'm printing some packets for Family and Consumer Sciences. While printing, I decided to read the one entitled "Sexualizing Childhood". Seemed interesting to me, I mean, I do work with kids all day. Anyway, one of the pictures on the handout was this. I thought to myself, "Self, what the hell is this? I know! My good friend google will tell me!" As it turns out, the answer about gave me an ignorance migraine. This group of provacatively dressed women are a promotional "band" for Axe Deodorant/Body Spray/Shower Gel/Lung Disease/Whatever the hell else they're selling. Now, putting aside the fact that axe smells horrible in the first place, this advertisment pretty much is solid case for hating the brand. The music video is atrocious. Axe has always been a brand that plays up its sex appeal, which is highly debatable, but they've never had the gall to say, "Hey ladies! Forget all those childlike notions of marriage, saving yourself, and being a respectable human being and jump the bones of this man who smells like the scent glands of twenty elk!" Untill now, that is. Bravo guys, bravo. Ugh. The thing that kills me is that men actually buy this bullshit! And trust me, I've heard the "but it's cheap!" argument. This is true, but it also smells cheap. In addition to that, it's in an aerosol can which means you're likely to use three times as much as you should and you'll run out of it faster than you would with a bottle of something good like Hugo Red or Adidas. Seriously, guys, go get your girlfriend or your girl-friend and ask her opinon. Chances are you'll find a much better scent for a pretty reasonable price. Axe and its disgraceful marketing is a drug. Just say no.


Carrie said...

that's totally ridiculous! I had to comment even though you're sitting right next to me.

Claytonian said...

I've had nothing but success with Axe, moral decrepitude and really bad videos aside.

stephanie said...

Clay, I imagine you use the stuff sparingly, or at least I hope. Every guy I've met here who wears the stuff sprays it on like it'll give him eternal life. Gross. But still, scent aside, I'm pretty much against the brand as a result of their advertising campaign.