09 April 2008

The "friend" of my friend is my enemy...

One of the interesting things I've learned about myself over the years is that I thrive on drama. I certainly don't like dealing with it, especially when it's interfering with aspects of my life, but when it arises for whatever reason, I greatly enjoy arguing and tearing people down for it. I imagine this is a character flaw of some sort, but I believe that if people start drama, they're most certainly looking for fight and I intend to give them one.

Anyway, I told you that story to tell you this one. My friend's friend is a dumb. I'm quite sure there's no other way to put that to adequately express just how much her existence hurts my brain. My friend has been allowing me to follow along on what I believe to be one which could rival any of the nonsense we cooked up in high school. Seriously, who communicates with smiley faces when they're attempting to be serious? Who communicates issues through texts, myspace, facebook, and the like? It's just frustrating to me to see people our age who believe that this is still acceptable. I watched the argument unfold from flimsy rumors, assumptions, and extrapolations into accusations, crying, whining, and b****ing. (I am attempting to censor a bit...gonna be a teacher someday...this might be found later in my life.) After two weeks of utter nonsense punctuated by catty spitting, a conversation is started with more whining wrapped in paper thin lies and softly glossed over by lame jokes because I can only assume that this person realized that she may have finally pushed away a friend who put up with her despite her faults. I...ugh...I had many things to say and I commend my friend for not listening to my desires to tear this person apart.

My heart is with my friends as she learns to deal with this difficult person in her life.

A bit of a weird rant, I know, but it was just something I had to type through to get all the aggravating thoughts out of my head. Now I must return to the scores of homework plaguing my existence. A bientot!


Matt and Elizabeth Martineau said...

*hug* and *sigh*
see you monday morning...(^_^)

Anonymous said...

Everyone's version of the truth is different. But starting random shit in a situation where you don't know much and has nothing to do with you could be considered just as "highschool drama." In some versions said enemy might have actually gone up and spoken with her and asked to talk it out, which she refused along with phone calls. In other versions it came out of thin air. Either way it really isn't your concern because it has nothing to do with you.

Anonymous said...

But considering the date posted I won't hold it against you either. You have a right to think what you will.