31 May 2010

Microwave, Part I

Well, the internet and I have decided that I'll be make shrimp biryani in my room this evening.  Here's the recipe I found for it and it looks pretty simple.  My only problem with it is that it's a bit dish heavy...I mean, if your only means of cooking is a microwave, I doubt you have a ton of dishes at your disposal.  I had to run to my apartment, which I'm still not moved out of completely, to grab more dishes; the cereal bowls and mugs in my dorm room weren't going to cut it. 

I made a couple of slight changes based on my resources, however...  I bought the shrimp precooked for safety; I decided to put bacon pieces in it (I had a craving); I've no garlic, so I'm using 1/2 tsp. of garlic powder instead; I added 1/4 tsp. curry powder; and I'm using Yellow Star saffron flavoured instant rice.  I'm a bit of a flavour junkie, so I think this will be to my liking...I hope.  I bought the ingredients last night so I could have an hour and a half of prep time before I went to work at four. 

That didn't quite work out how I wanted...see, wind currents or pressure or whatever runs rampant in the residence halls.  I closed one of the doors open in my room and when I went to close the other, it abruptly slammed on my poor right hand.  Well, that knocked out half an hour of time while I was writhing in pain.  I'm also moving a bit slower than I'd like because my middle finger is mangled.  PS, fun fact: home row typing is hell when you can't use one of your fingers.  >.<

Anywho, I tailed the shrimp, cooked the bacon, and mixed the spices.  I'd planned on cooking the rice as well, but mangled finger, you see.  So, my room smells like hickory and indian spices.  Mmmm.  Though, I'll quickly restore the fabreeze smell I'm used to after dinner, I'm sure. 

AND!  On the subject of spices, do you know what garam masala is?  I sure didn't, but boy is it wonderful!  It's a mixture of coriander, cardamom, cumin, and some other things.  It smells delicious! 

I've got about 3 more hours of work to go before I can finish this off and see how it pans out.  Cross your fingers!

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