28 February 2010


Well, I sure didn't do too much this February.  I baked a lot...you've seen teh evidence of this, I'm sure.  Beethoven's 9 consumed my life and, luckily, the concert went rather well.  The other minor highlight of the month is what I did for valentines day.  See, we had a little thing in the department where we all decorated paper bags and passed out valentines.  Like in elementary school, ja?  We're the coolest college kids you know.  Anyway, the valentines at the Laramie Wal*Mart were, for lack of a better word, lame.  I figured, hey, I work at a copy shop, right?  I'll print some off the internet.  Then I got it in my head that I needed Star Trek valentines.  Here's the rub: they don't exist on the internet.  What?  Fear not, I fixed it.  Here's a link to the Star Trek Valentines I created with the help of Carrie in the early hours of the morning.  Needless to say, my music friends now find me more embarassing to know and I think I'm more awesome.  Sorry I didn't put these on the internet earlier for those of you who asked me to. 

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