28 July 2009


I've been having rather horrifying dreams as of late and I'm going to try remembering them as a method of getting rid of them.

I went to the UC Hospital for an appointment I wasn't supposed to have. I kept saying that I wasn't supposed to be there, but no one listened; they just shoveled me through the system. I guess my logic in the dream at that point was that if I played along, eventually I'd run into someone I knew and could reason with. That didn't happen, what happened was that I felt passively-aggressively forced into getting an endoscopy I wasn't wanting to have. They told me to go down the stairs, and so I did. I got down one platform of stairs and as I looked down the next, I couldn't see the stairs continuing; I only saw a cliff. I could feel myself panicking and going mad. I screamed for someone to help me, but everyone either ignored me or told me things that had absolutely nothing to do with the situation in rather anaesthetic tones. I tried to figure it out myself by going back where I came and trying again, but as I went back up those stairs, they started to disappear into nothingness. Finally, I lost it and just started yelling "stairs" over and over again untill everyone's faces contorted into horrible, twisted grins and they kept moving closer shouting "stairs" back at me and laughing. Then I woke up.

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