30 April 2008

Well, lovely.

I'm with Clay on this one; this "anonymous" person really gets on my last nerves. I'm willing to bet this person has no idea what's going on given I'm speaking of friends in New Mexico and none of them know I have a blog let alone read it. However, since they assumed that the post simply had to be about them and took the time to throw a flimsy defense in my direction, I would think they'd have the good sense to put down their name with said defense. Sadly, no. They just wanted to spout off bad vibes in a random direction without thinking I suppose. And wasn't that really what the post was about in the first place? I'm telling you, working on assumptions and hearsay will only make you look stupid. *shrugs*

Speaking of that drama I recently spoke of... >.< Joelle and her friend had a pretty huge fight about the subject and not a whole lot has been resolved since. Nameless McGee is still pretty dumb about the whole situation, but then, she's been like that since Middle School as I recall. Jojo has pretty infinite patience with the girl, in my opinion. I cut ties with her a long time ago. *shrugs* Just bad juju, I think.

Speaking of New Mexico, I'm excited to say that I have enough money to take a road trip out this Summer. Huzzah! I just need to figure out how I'm going to fit this into my work schedule.

Speaking of this Summer, I got a position working for the Summmer Music Camp here at UW. I'm one of the only two voice students working this Summer, I think and they even gave me a class to teach. I'm way excited.

My recital went rather well. I just got the recordings for both that and the Mozart concert back in February. As soon as I figure out how, I'll post recordings here.

Yep, that's about all I've got to say right now. A bientôt!

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